700KG Marine Winch 2 Speed

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700kg Hand Winch Strap/Webbing/Dyneema Rope 2speed- Boat Car Marine Trailer Two Year Structural Warranty With High Quality 5mm x 7.5 metres Cable -Black Powder Coating Three speed 5:1/1:1 Black Powder Coating Universal mounting holes Removable handle 7.5 metres Cable with snap hook with 700kg rating DESCRIPTION MATERIAL :Carbon steel heat treated bushes, shaft and gears ROPE :5mm x 7.5 metres Cable PACKAGE G.W :4.5KG

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    700kg Hand Winch tali / webbing / Dyneema Rope 2speed- Kayak Car Marine Trailer
    Two Year Warranty Structural Kanthi High Quality
    5mm x 7,5 meter Kabel -Black Powder Coating
    Telung kacepetan 5: 1/1: 1
    Black Powder Coating
    bolongan soyo tambah Universal
    nangani dipindhah
    7,5 meter Kabel karo pancing sworo seru karo HFS 700kg
    MATERIAL: Carbon baja panas dianggep bushes, batang lan Gir
    Kabel 5mm x 7,5 meter: tali
    PAKET GW: 4.5KG

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